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The Mindset Stories Podcast is grounded in the practicalities of the highs and the lows of life. It is emotionally compelling, insightful and inspirational with the goal of helping others understand and develop their mindset. Our aim is to achieve this understanding of the human mindset through the thought provoking and motivational stories of our guests, as we uncover the underlying aspects of their mindset that either helped them or hindered them along their journey.

David and Frank invite people to understand the depth of the human mindset and how it plays out in all our daily lives. They believe that the peak experiences of life (the highs) and especially the nadir experiences (the lows) can be analyzed from a perspective that allows people to broaden their mindset, so we are better equipped to live life in a much more calm, rewarding and constructive manner.

Everyone has a story. We believe that there are aspects to everyone’s unique circumstances that can inspire and motivate others, and the idea behind this podcast is that through shared storytelling people have the ability to heal and transform their lives, or more compassionately support others.

Join the conversation every Monday over on iTunes, Spotify or Podomatic or whenever you are up, or down or inspired enough to listen in.

Frank and David

Peak and Nadir Storytellers

Episode One: Peace of Mind for Mental Health - Tareq Hadhad, CEO Peace by Chocolate

Our chocolate factory in Syria was destroyed in the war and forced our family to leave everything behind and flee. Managing our mindsets through deep despair in refugee camps, then in 2016 coming to a new country as refugees… and with huge community support we re-started our lives in Canada and created Peace by Chocolate.

Episode Two: No Time For That (Bullying) - Elsie Morden, Halifax, Country Music Artist/Activist

“No time for bullying, no time for stigma and no time for negativity. You’ll be glad you made time for Elsie though, her story and mission are inspiring on every level”

Episode Three: Title Don't Be Afraid of the Dentist - Bridgette Green, Halifax, Dentist

“Hard work and dedication are the staple of any type of higher education. This unique story takes a look at the sacrifice required in order to be the best version of ourselves, and the psychology behind why we are fearful of the dentist”

Episode Four: Fake It Til It Breaks You, Then Change It - Franco Lo Presti, Toronto, Actor

“A powerful tale of perseverance and an example of how to take lessons from one journey, and carry them into the next with confidence”

Episode Five: We Are All Brothers and Sisters - Louis Ferreira, Los Angeles/Vancouver, Actor

“Sometimes, you have to go first. A heart-breaking first time reveal mixed with a sense of perspective you just don’t get without going through the trenches, and Louis knows all about those”

Episode Six: Learning and Earning - Rebecca Marchand, Halifax, Realtor

“The mindset of the facilitator of life’s biggest purchase. A shining example of how to work tirelessly and remain dedicated to your craft, even when onlookers think you didn’t earn it”

Episode Seven: Turning Dining Out Into Helping Out - Derek Juno, Victoria, Social Entrepreuner

“We all want to see and end to hunger in our lifetime. Derek and the team at Mealshare are doing their part. Even with 3.5 Million people already impacted, their mindset demands more”

Episode Eight: A Brush With Stardom - Stevie Mccrorie, Scotland, Singer

“Inside the mind of someone who knows what it’s like to taste the life of a celebrity, yet never lose sense of what made them who they are”

Episode Nine: Mindset Stories (TBA)

Episode Ten: Mindset Stories (TBA)

Episode Eleven: Mindset Stories (TBA)

Episode Twelve: Mindset Stories (TBA)

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