• The Science of Mindset and Well-Being

    Course Description: Journey into the complexity of mindset and learn more about why you do what you do and feel how you feel. This rewarding and innovative e-workshop will change the lens through which you see your mindset, and provide you with a solid action plan for making changes that benefit your lifestyle and sense of well-being.
  • Mindset: Moving from the Invisible to the Transparent

    Course Description: Depth psychologists know that the capacity for growth depends on one’s ability to internalize and to take personal responsibility. If we forever see our life as a problem caused by others, a problem to be “solved,” then no change will occur. Learn how the messages living our life presents, our unpleasant body sensations and feedback from others can bring mindset issues into the light so you are better positioned to passage from ineffective to more constructive mindsets.
  • The Science of Forgiveness

    Course Description: When one person has wronged another, that wrong may result in powerful emotions of resentment, including anger, sorrow, and even hatred at having been harmed. When the two have been friends, workmates or intimate partners, such resentment undermines or destroys their previous relationship: affection and warmth, confidence and trust, may cease to exist. Such a situation is the background to the science of forgiveness. Join us to learn how forgiveness can be a route to reconciliation and the restoration of trust.
  • The Pride of Coming Out: Mindset, Peace and Navigating Family Dynamics

    Course Description: Coming out and self-disclosing ones sexual orientation or ones gender identity can be one of the most painful and challenging things to still do in our culture - simply due to our own or the mindset of others. Decrease the confusion, turmoil and negative family dynamics that can occur by gaining a stronger understanding of how the mindsets of conventionalism, approval, avoidance and competitive thinking styles can be better navigated so you and others around you can feel more peacefulness, loving and healthier family dynamics.