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Learn more about the connection of the human mindset, the impacts you are having on the yourself, others and the world at large.  Journey into the depth of how we are wired to connect, help others, manage our insecurities and act more constructively. You will gain key insights and choices to explore how you might consider strengthening your contribution to helping make a difference in changing the world for the better. This e-workshop comes with an in-depth customized LSI “mindset” assessment and an on-line group debriefing co-ordinated every two weeks upon registration.


More In-depth Information on the LSI Styles Inventory (LSI) Mindset

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Frank Gallant and Issam Hadhad – Brothers Documentary (Sample Change Story)

This short video hosted by “the Atlantic” provides an example of how two men came together and helped “change mindset and change the world.” It is an inspiring and practical example of what a community can do to create a really positive change. Film maker Jonathon Keijser stated “a story like Issam and Frank’s isn’t just a story about what happened,” “It’s a story about what is possible.”